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Tarot Readings

Tarot dates back as much as 2,500 years ago and is still considered a tool of divination. However Tarot is also a form of spiritual counselling and guidance and has innumerable uses and benefits.

Tarot can provide clear and helpful insights, enabling greater understanding into what is going on in our lives.

 Tarot can offer guidance and clarity in areas of Life where we are struggling.

Tarot Readings last approximately 30 minutes. Cost £20.00

Tarot Workshops or Individual lessons are available.

A beginners Tarot workshop is usually held over a weekend

or can be taken as a course of 7 x 1.5 hour lessons.

Weekend workshop £80.

Individual session £30 for 1.5 hours or £40 for 2 people attending together.

Please ring for details

07880 975529


Your birth chart or natal chart is a map of the heavens at the precise moment of your birth and is a map of your potential for this lifetime. Your chart shows the influences of the planets at your exact time of birth, and how these shape your character, your strengths, weaknesses, your hopes and dreams and the kinds of relationships and work you are attracted to.

This subject often brings up the question, 'do we have free will'?

I believe, yes we do, although we can say much of our life is pre destined, as in the culture we are born into, the influences surrounding us at birth and our early childhood experiences. I believe we 'choose' the exact moment of our birth, when the planets are lined up to give us the character we choose, the challenges we need and the best possible circumstances to fulfill what we came here to accomplish and work through.

We choose the experiences and our individual approach to the world that will aid our spiritual growth and evolution.

Our energetic make up shows how we perceive and interact with the world and with others, we all perceive the world from where we are, through the 'lens' we call our personality.

Astrology helps us to understand our own unique path.

The Transits refer to the planets moving across the sky and how they affect us at any given time. The planets influence our lives all the time and especially when they aspect a planet in our natal chart.

The transits can show us the best times to move forward with a project, the times to hold on and wait and when we can expect to see changes coming in or an end to our current struggles.

Chart comparisons show how we interact with one another, where we have challenges in our relationships and where we bond with one another.

For an accurate chart I will need your time, date and place of birth.

Astrology Natal chart - includes natal chart and interpretation £50.00

A lovely gift for new parents!

Astrology Natal chart + Transits - includes natal chart, interpretation and 6 months transits £75.00

Chart comparisons - this includes 2 natal charts, interpretations and the comparison report between both charts. £120.00

These interpretations are personal to you, they are not computer generated reports. 

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